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Altirra 3.10 Test29 [357][witek], 2018-06-06 11:43:28

[Source: http://atariage.com/forums/topic/273633-altirra-300-released/page-19]

-Fixed bug in PAL high artifacting engine that caused odd hires pixels to be ignored. This was due to an optimization accidentally being turned on too often. When the emulator detects that there is no hires in a scanline, it uses a faster routine that only samples luma at half rate and uses merged pair filter kernels. For PAL high artifacting, it was accidentally running this all the time.
-PAL high artifacting engine no longer has artifacting hue and saturation hardcoded. You may need to reset your PAL artifacting color settings as the default is likely to be pretty blown out.
-There are now combined NTSC/PAL artifacting modes that automatically select the appropriate variation of artifacting for the current video standard. Quick review: NTSC standard artifacting emulates color from even/odd pixel patterns, PAL standard artifacting emulates chroma averaging, and the high artifacting modes do full video signal simulation.
-Added a button to the System page of the configuration dialog to quickly toggle between NTSC and PAL. This command already existed, but you could only get to it by adding a keyboard binding.
-Added auto-detection for 810 revision B firmware. (Thanks Nezgar for tirelessly tracking this down!)