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DosBox-X (31.01.18) [625][glob@s], 2018-02-02 08:24:15

[Source: http://dosbox-x.com]

-SDL 1.x hacked to separate SDL surface from parent window
– Parent window is in separate thread
– SDL surface is in main thread, and child window of parent window
– Parent window forwards move/resize events and menu input to child window
– Since the parent window thread handles resize events, the parent window thread is the one blocked by Windows during move/resize while the emulator is free to keep running and respond to the resize events. Resizing the window, moving the window, or using the menu bar no longer pauses the emulator.
– Fullscreen support still works, as far as I can tell
– Surface, OpenGL, and Direct3D outputs updated to work with the new asynchronous resize events
– The method of conversion to the code was done in a way that is least disruptive to the SDL library source code.

32/64bit in a package.


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