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Nova v0.3.0 [416][witek], 2018-06-02 05:19:01

[Source: https://twitter.com/realSteveKwok]


-SH2: Removed interrupts timing.
-SCU: Rewrote DSP flags handling.
-SCU: Rewrote DSP commands and opcodes mapping.
-SCU: Rewrote the DSP RA register handling.
-SCU: Rewrote PPAF register handling.
-SCU: Rewrote DSTA register handling.
-SCU: Rewrote DMAC priority handling.
-SCU: Rewrote INTC.
-SCU: Added timing for interrupt sending of INTC.
-SCU: Added DSP register TN0.
-SCU: Added DSP disassembly function.
-SCU: Added restrictions to the DMA add values.
-SCU: Added checking of DSP delay commands conflicts.
-SCU: Added checking of PPAF register read access while DSP is executing.
-SYSTEM: Supported adding user data to an event.