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PCem v12 [1191][powerzx], 2017-04-03 13:58:38

[Source: http://pcem-emulator.co.uk/]

18th February 2017

PCem v12 released. Changes from v11 :
New machines added - AMI 386DX, MR 386DX
New graphics cards - Plantronics ColorPlus, Wyse WY-700, Obsidian SB50, Voodoo 2
CPU optimisations - up to 50% speedup seen
3DFX optimisations
Improved joystick emulation - analogue joystick up to 8 buttons, CH Flightstick Pro, ThrustMaster FCS, SideWinder pad(s)
Mouse can be selected between serial, PS/2, and IntelliMouse
Basic 286/386 prefetch emulation - 286 & 386 performance much closer to real systems
Improved CGA/PCjr/Tandy composite emulation
Various bug fixes
Thanks to Battler, leilei, John Elliott, Mahod, basic2004 and ecksemmess for contributions towards this release.
7th June 2016

Updated v11 binary - anyone who`s been having problems with Voodoo emulation should re-download.
5th June 2016

PCem v11 released. Changes from v10.1 :
New machines added - Tandy 1000HX, Tandy 1000SL/2, Award 286 clone, IBM PS/1 model 2121
New graphics card - Hercules InColor
3DFX recompiler - 2-4x speedup over previous emulation
Added Cyrix 6x86 emulation
Some optimisations to dynamic recompiler - typically around 10-15% improvement over v10, more when MMX used
Fixed broken 8088/8086 timing
Fixes to Mach64 and ViRGE 2D blitters
XT machines can now have less than 640kb RAM
Added IBM PS/1 audio card emulation
Added Adlib Gold surround module emulation
Fixes to PCjr/Tandy PSG emulation
GUS now in stereo
Numerous FDC changes - more drive types, FIFO emulation, better support of XDF images, better FDI support
CD-ROM changes - CD-ROM IDE channel now configurable, improved disc change handling, better volume control support
Now directly supports .ISO format for CD-ROM emulation
Fixed crash when using Direct3D output on Intel HD graphics
Various other fixes
Thanks to Battler, SA1988, leilei, Greatpsycho, John Elliott, RichardG867, ecksemmess and cooprocks123e for contributions towards this release.
7th November 2015

PCem v10.1 released. This is a minor bugfix release. Changes from v10 :
Fixed buffer overruns in PIIX and ET4000/W32p emulation
Add command line options to start in fullscreen and to specify config file
Emulator doesn`t die when the CPU jumps to an unexecutable address
Removed Voodoo memory dump on exit
24th October 2015

PCem v10 released. Changes from v9 :
New machines - AMI XT clone, VTech Laser Turbo XT, VTech Laser XT3, Phoenix XT clone, Juko XT clone, IBM PS/1 model 2011, Compaq Deskpro 386, DTK 386SX clone, Phoenix 386 clone, Intel Premiere/PCI, Intel Advanced/EV
New graphics cards - IBM VGA, 3DFX Voodoo Graphics
Experimental dynamic recompiler - up to 3x speedup
Pentium and Pentium MMX emulation
CPU fixes - fixed issues in Unreal, Half-Life, Final Fantasy VII, Little Big Adventure 2, Windows 9x setup, Coherent, BeOS and others
Improved FDC emulation - more accurate, supports FDI images, supports 1.2MB 5.25" floppy drive emulation, supports write protect correctly
Internal timer improvements, fixes sound in some games (eg Lion King)
Added support for up to 4 IDE hard drives
MIDI OUT code now handles sysex commands correctly
CD-ROM code now no longer crashes Windows 9x when CD-ROM drive empty
Fixes to ViRGE, S3 Vision series, ATI Mach64 and OAK OTI-067 cards
Various other fixes/changes
Thanks to te_lanus, ecksemmess, nerd73, GeeDee, Battler, leilei and kurumushi for contributions towards this release.
4th October 2014

PCem v9 released. Changes from v8.1 :
New machines - IBM PCjr
New graphics cards - Diamond Stealth 3D 2000 (S3 ViRGE/325), S3 ViRGE/DX
New sound cards - Innovation SSI-2001 (using ReSID-FP)
CPU fixes - Windows NT now works, OS/2 2.0+ works better
Fixed issue with port 3DA when in blanking, DOS 6.2/V now works
Re-written PIT emulation
IRQs 8-15 now handled correctly, Civilization no longer hangs
Fixed vertical axis on Amstrad mouse
Serial fixes - fixes mouse issues on Win 3.x and OS/2
New Windows keyboard code - should work better with international keyboards
Changes to keyboard emulation - should fix stuck keys
Some CD-ROM fixes
Joystick emulation
Preliminary Linux port
Thanks to HalfMinute, SA1988 and Battler for contributions towards this release.
3rd January 2014

PCem v8.1 released. This fixes a number of issues in v8.
20th December 2013

PCem v8 released. Changes from v0.7 :
New machines - SiS496/497, 430VX
WinChip emulation (including MMX emulation)
New graphics cards - S3 Trio64, Trident TGUI9440AGi, ATI VGA Edge-16, ATI VGA Charger, OAK OTI-067, ATI Mach64
New sound cards - Adlib Gold, Windows Sound System, SB AWE32
Improved GUS emulation
MPU-401 emulation (UART mode only) on SB16 and AWE32
Fixed DMA bug, floppy drives work properly in Windows 3.x
Fixed bug in FXAM - fixes Wolf 3D, Dogz, some other stuff as well
Other FPU fixes
Fixed serial bugs, mouse no longer disappears in Windows 9x hardware detection
Major reorganisation of CPU emulation
Direct3D output mode
Fullscreen mode
Various internal changes
13th July 2013

PCem is now in source control at http://www.retrosoftware.co.uk/hg/pcem.
3rd August 2012

PCem v0.7 released. Windows 98 now works, Win95 more stable, more machines + graphics cards, and a huge number of fixes.
19th December 2011

PCem v0.6 released. Windows 95 now works, FPU emulation, and load of other stuff.
23rd September 2011

Uploaded a fixed version of PCem v0.5, which has working sound.
21st September 2011

PCem v0.5 released. Loads of fixes + new features in this version.
13th February 2011


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