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PS2 isos Running on PS4 4.05 [690][powerzx], 2018-01-24 09:42:08

[Source: https://github.com/cfwprpht/free-ps2-pub-gen/releases/tag/v1.0]

"The PS4 scene is going at the speed of light, and it’s been difficult to keep up.

After the doors being opened for a flood of PS4 piracy, the scene now gets PS2 isos. Yesterday, developer CFWProphet released a tool named free-ps2-pub-gen, which allows PS4 owners to embed a PS2-PS4 (as in “PS2 game released for PS4) iso within a PS4 package for use with PS4Hen. The tool implements Flatz’s recent writeup on how to emulate PS2 games on the PS4, and wraps it all up in a GUI.

Multiple people have been reporting that the initial release of the tool has issues, but others have been confirming it works. CfwProphet stated he has a fix and will release an update.

Scene veteran CelesteBlue has posted a video of a PS2 game in action:

A working package file has been floating around, with people suggesting that replacing that specific game iso with any other ps2-ps4 iso would most likely work. The readme of free-ps2-pub-gen implies things should work directly with the tool, though."

Source http://wololo.net/2018/01/23/running-ps2-isos-ps4-4-05/


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