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Visual PinMAME 3.0 [870][witek], 2017-12-25 00:51:03

[Source: http://www.vpforums.org/]


*** GENERAL ***
-Extend and update some parts of the .txt documentation files

*** CORE/CPU ***
- Add support for the Stern S.A.M. platform (e.g. Stern releases from 2006-2014), special thanks for improvements to the community, notably to Arngrim, CarnyPriest and especially DJRobX
- Correct SP0256 speech for IDSA games (needs additional sp0256-al2.bin file to work (for Basketball and V-1, only the latter features speech though))
- Fix reset / NMI handling for IDSA V-1
- Fix Stern SB300 noise generator regression (and slightly improve sound over older implementation, but still not accurate)
- Fix Rescue 911 (and maybe more: SFII, WCS, Shaq, mZOIS?) DMD brightness level mapping regression
- Improve Punky Willy sound emulation
- Fix sound for Taito Sure Shot (sounds awful, but like the real thing :)) and Mr. Black (Z-80 version still misses sound rom dumps though) (NMI line needs to be pulsed for these games)
- Make speech work for Taito Vegas and Lady Luck - working around a strange PIA issue
- Fix COP420 emulation, sound works now on Zira
- Add emulation pause support for alternate sound

*** ROM SUPPORT *** Thanks to ipdb.org, Effect, Juan, Jubex77, JMan, Gore Daimon, Soren, barakandl, inkochnito

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