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WinUAE 3.5.0 Final [981][witek], 2017-06-16 08:56:57

[Source: http://www.winuae.net/]

New emulated hardware:
-Comspec SA-1000
-California Access Malibu
-DKB RapidFire
-M-Tec AT-500 Megabody

New features:
-Softfloat FPU emulation mode. Bit perfect FPU emulation (except transcendental functions), including full arithmetic exception support. (Co-operation with Previous emulator author)
-Lightpen emulation absolute coordinate HID (USB light guns) and touch screen device support.
-American Laser Games second player and Actionware dual light gun adapter emulation.
-Real harddrive mount lock option. Enables full exclusive access even if drive has Windows mounted FAT partition(s).
-winlaunch.lib is now built-in feature and is also 64-bit compatible.
-Show [Paused] in windowed mode title bar when in pause mode.
-If statefile is loaded with one or more floppy images that can’t be opened: keep fake disk in drive (like previously) and ask for new disk path when missing disk is accessed for the first time.

Custom chipset features emulated:
-AGA FMODE>0 unaligned bitplane and sprite pointer behavior implemented, resulting display corruption is now 100% accurate.
-BPLCON4 XOR mask special case in HAM6/8 or EHB modes.
-Loading blitter B-DAT manually when B-shift was nonzero.
-Lightpen hardware is now cycle-exactly emulated.
-Sprite special case when DMA mode sprite’s start X-coordinate is less than sprite’s DMA slot position.
-Audio interrupts are delayed by 2 cycles.

Feature improvements:
-68020+ T0 trace mode is now fully emulated.
-68020 cycle exact mode adjustments.
-Memory cycle exact mode mode accuracy improved
-Implemented previously unimplemented bsdsocket.library emulation sendmsg() and recvmsg().
-Recursive mode ROM scanner now skips directories starting with dot.
-MMU emulation can be now switched on/off on the fly.
-Release all currently pressed keys when emulation pauses.
-Added memory cycle-exact Quickstart step for A1200 and CD32 configurations. -Less CPU heavy than full cycle-exact and usually not much more worse (or better). At least not until 68020 CE gets better.
-Escape old style directory and hardfile paths if it contains “,”.
-Masoboshi MasterCard fully implemented, including DMA support.

Bug fixes:
-FM801 16-bit audio corruption.
-A2090 ST-506 emulation.
-Possible crash when display was very wide with bitplane DMA overrun condition.
-Fixed crash when sound card audio play started and channel mode was mono and “Include CD and FMV audio” was ticked.
-Fixed crash when accessing accelerator board SCSI IO region without any added SCSI device(s).
-Fixed crash if Blizzard accelerator on board memory size was set to zero.
-JIT was not 512k or 1M Chip RAM compatible.
-Manual RAM configuration GUI didn’t accept smaller end address than current board size.
-Manually configured but disabled (size zero) Z2/Z3 banks were added to system.
-Apollo 1240/1260 memory address space fixed
-PC bridgeboard NE2000 boot crash fix.
-Windowed mode mouse does not anymore hit hidden barriers if window is partially outside of desktop or uncaptured if window is on top of task bar.
-If Custom autoconfig board order was enabled, expansion devices custom config setting(s) was not saved correctly.
-68000 address error stacked PC was not correct in some read-modify-write instructions
-Untrap middle mouse button option was stuck.
-GUI listview column width calculation used default font size, not selected font.
-68030 CE/prefetch mode cache access bug fixed.
-G-REX and Cirrus Logic graphics board state was reset if RAM or HW Info GUI panels were opened after emulation was started.

And more…

W paczce 32/64bit intaller,gotowiec,pluginy.


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