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WinUAE 3.6.0 Final [574][witek], 2018-01-19 19:44:32

[Source: http://www.winuae.net]

Core emulation updates:

-68030, 68040 and 68060 full instruction and data cache emulation, with or without MMU emulation.
-68030, 68040 and 68060 EC model partial MMU (transparent translation registers only) emulation.
-68030, 68040 and 68060 MMU emulation performance improved (added extra translation caches).
-STOP-instruction CPU model specific undocumented behavior emulated when parameter does not have S-bit set.
-68020+ DIVS/DIVU CPU model specific undefined overflow condition N and Z flags emulated.
-Undocumented 68881/68882 FMOVECR values emulated.
-68020/030 BCD instructions undocumented V flag behavior fixed (68000 was already correct)
-Optional Toshiba Gary slow (chip ram like) Z2 IO and/or ROM space access speed.

Emulated hardware expansion updates:

-Added Cubo CD32 later revision hardware support, PIC copy protection, touch screen, NVRAM and RTC emulation. (TODO: Coin and ticket dispenser support, no hardware information available)
-Cubo CD32 is now an expansion device, added DIPs, PIC game ID/language and expansion device enable options.
-A2090 Combitec and MacroSystem 3rd party ROM update/adapter supported.
-DKB 1230/1240/Cobra and Rapidfire flash rom write support added.

New emulated hardware expansions:

-Ashcom Addhard (SCSI)
-Evesham Micros Reference (SCSI)
-FastATA 4000 MK I/II (IDE)
-Gigatron Arriba (IDE)
-Kupke Golem HD3000 (OMTI)
-Profex HD3300 (OMTI)
-Reiter Software Wedge (OMTI)
-Sprit Technology InMate (SCSI)
-Music Master dongle

Direct3D 11 support implemented:

-Requires Windows 7SP1 and later. Windows 7 requires KB2670838 (Available via Windows update as an optional update), Windows 8 and later does not need any extra packages like D3D9 support required (Ancient DX9 redistributable).
-Requires hardware level 9.1 or higher, which means most Windows 7 capable GPUs are supported.
-All Direct3D9 mode features supported (overlays, masks, custom shaders)
-Variable sync (G-Sync, possibly also FreeSync) supported in windowed mode.
-Many D3D9 custom shaders are supported automatically, some require manual modifications to work in Direct3D 11 mode.

Other new features and updates:

-Simple box art/screenshot config file support.
-If Wait for Blitter is enabled and blit size makes no sense, dont wait. Fixes long delay in Vital / Mystic.
-Added “CIA 391078-01” advanced chipset checkbox. This CIA revision has a bug in IO port output mode, reading output mode port will always read output mode data state. Other models, including original DIP 8520, 391078-02 and Akiko internal CIAs read IO pin external voltage level as documented. This can affect “bad” mouse left button/joystick fire button reading code (not working or stuck button). Used in A600. A1200/A4000 can have -01 or -02 revision.
-Added ATAPI Tape drive emulation.
-CD SCSI emulator READ CD-DA and READ CD-DA MSF commands emulated.
-Expansion device GUI changes are now always activated after hard reset.
-uaehf.device hardfiles/harddrives unit number is now user configurable.
-“Include CD and FMV Audio” and/or sound mode change on the fly when CD or FMV audio is playing is now supported.
-Debugger assembler support (a) and some other misc debugger updates.
-Optional non-rawinput mouse and keyboard mode is back (-norawinput_all)
-Added Misc panel option to show WinUAE in Windows shutdown/logoff screen (Vista or newer) if emulation session is active.
-JIT Direct is allowed in CyberStorm PPC configuration but it also disables CSPPC MAP ROM hardware feature.
-Ability to image CHS-only IDE drives using USB adapters that dont support CHS-only drives. (Common side effect is drive being detected but it appears as zero size drive in Windows Disk Management)

Bugs fixed:

-It was not possible to override Z2 RAM board autoconfig data if board had built-in manufacturer/product ID defaults.
-It was not possible to change existing path with Select Directory/Select Archive or Plain File buttons.
-Fixed 64-bit version random crashes that usually happened with some shell extensions.
-Z3 RAM in manual mode was completely broken.
-UAE directory harddrive/hardfile KS 1.2 autoboot hack didnt work without extra reset if UAE autoconfig board wasnt first board in autoconfig chain.
-68030 data cache emulation corrupted data if write was cached, write size was word or long and address was odd.
-68040/060 without FPU: many FPU instruction F-line exceptions generated incorrect stack frames.
-ECS Denise BPLCON2 ECS-only bits (for example KILLEHB) were masked unless AGA was also selected.
-Obsolete IDE FORMAT TRACK command fixed.
-GamePorts panel custom mapping incorrectly parsed joystick autofire state from config file.
-Directory filesystem ACTION_SET_DATE failed to change date stamp if file was read-only.
-68020 memory cycle exact CPU speed slider is again partially working, CPU speed can be reduced but not increased.
-GamePorts panel custom mapping incorrectly parsed joystick autofire state from config file.
-uae-configuration joystick port (joyportx) modification only queued but didnt apply changes.
-uaeserial.device crash fixed. DTR/RTS state now match serial.device behavior when device is opened.
-Fixed uaegfx VRAM size check, some modes that almost filled whole VRAM didnt appear in resolution list.
-uaenet.device didnt close low level ethernet handles when Amiga was reset, causing duplicate packets.
-Bitplane overrun condition triggered incorrectly in rare situation where bitplane DMA is enabled after DDFSTOP on OCS
-Tape drive emulation fixes. Fixes Amix install error if last file on tape was selected for install.

AVI recording bug fixes and updates:

-First avioutput recorded frame was sometimes partially corrupted.
-When saving state with avioutput active: last frame before state save was not recorded.
-Number of avioutput frames buffered (waiting for compression thread processing) counter was reset periodically which caused lost frames (and leaked memory) in recorded video if CPU was not fast enough.
-Delay initialization until first display frame or sound buffer recording request comes, previously “before filtering” option may have used wrong display size in some situations.
-Uncompressed video selection is not forgotten anymore.
-First frame was not rendered (and also not recorded) if statefile was restored when emulation was already running.
-If emulator state was changed (debugger breakpoint, statefile save etc..), last frame before state change was not recorded.
-File splitting (2G limit) incorrectly flushed sound buffers causing random sound glitches.
-Added -max_avi_size -command line parameter to set split size.
-If recording was started and GUI was never opened in same session, sound recording rate become 44100Hz, causing AV syncronization issues if real rate was not same.

And more...

W paczce 32/64bit intaller,gotowiec,pluginy.


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