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Cemu 1.13.2d [583][witek], 2018-10-04 14:05:15

[Source: http://cemu.info/index.html]

# New in 1.13.2c:

input: Fixed keyboard input

# New in 1.13.2b:

general: Fixed UI custom mlc path not being applied correctly
swkbd: Fixed software keyboard not accepting any input

# New in 1.13.2:

general: Added option to customize MLC path to general settings
general: Added option to show menu bar in fullscreen (when moving the mouse to the top of the screen)

audio: Added support for XAudio 2.8 (Win8+)
audio: Added a latency option to ensure a minimum amount of buffered audio data
audio: Fixed leaking XAudio 2.7 resources

input: Improved support for windows touch input
input: Fixed an issue where calibration did not work correctly
input: Fixed controller not being selected after swapping the emulated controller type in input settings

gfx-packs: Added support for unary operators (+,-) in expressions
gfx-packs: Fixed expression parsing for lists

coreinit: Improved accuracy of core timing (OSGetTick)

AX: Optimized the core audio timing logic to be less CPU intensive

nn_boss: Fixed an error where already existing SpotPass files were not updated


# New in 1.13.2d:

general: Fixed a bug which could freeze the Cemu UI