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Toshiya Takeda uaktualnił swój projekt multiemulatora przeróżnych japońskich komputerów. EmuZ-1500 oraz eX1twin były już pojedyńczo wcześniej uaktualnione, jednak wolałem poczekać za całą paczką.

    [EMU/WIN32] support stereo sound
    [EMU/WIN32] fix joystick initialization
    [VM/DATAREC] support to load wave file with 16bit/stereo and any frequency
    [VM/DATAREC] support to load TAP tape images (used for SHARP X1 series)
    [VM/DATAREC] support to rewind tape image
    [VM/EVENT] support stereo sound
    [VM/FMGEN] fix timer not to cause overflow
    [VM/FMGEN] support interface to read int signal
    [VM/SN76489AN] fix mixer issue that volume mixed by other device is doubled
    [VM/YM2151] fix irq handling to refer int signal from fmgen
    [VM/YM2203] fix irq handling to refer int signal from fmgen
    [VM/Z80SIO] support monosync/bisync mode
    [VM/Z80SIO] support auto enables bit in wr3
    [VM/Z80SIO] support send break bit in wr5
    [VM/Z80SIO] support sync/abort bit in rr0
    [VM/Z80SIO] support signals to notify transmitt/recieve is done
    [VM/Z80SIO] support sync signal (input/output)
    [VM/Z80SIO] fix not to reset external signals

    EmuZ-1500 is updated.
    [MZ1500] support quick disk drive

    google translate...
    Io EmuZ-up in 1500, finally completed the quick response of the disk.
    Are commonly used, MZT can handle disk image format.
    As well as reading, MZ-5Z001 on the SAVE command is also available.

    However, the write timing is so severe, it may not work as well.
    Once, the original file MZT please try to keep a backup.
    Or, to keep the file read-only attribute, even on the emulator
    Are treated as write-protected disk.

    Instead of patching the system BIOS, to express the actual hardware configuration,
    I implemented fairly It Easy.
    Because of this, Z80SIO side also, MONOSYNC / BISYNC modes as
    I tweaked considerably.

    Quick Disk Now, I can now handle both MZT cassette format,
    MZT ability to load files directly into the RAM removed.

    It was originally developed for the story started one shot at this as an emulator MZ-700/1500
    I think what has become practically the most part.

    ePC-9801, ePC-9801E are updated.
    [PC9801] support irq connection from PC-9801-26
    [PC9801/DISPLAY] support 200 lines screen mode
    [PC9801/JOYSTICK] support joystick

    The 200-line mode, you can now display graphics properly.
    In addition, FM sound IRQ forgotten to fix the bug around the wiring.
    FM incidentally also supports joysticks are connected to the source.

    When it comes to hard to reproduce the initial data recorder and then I respond 320KB floppies.
    I wonder how hard you try mouse and SASI.

    eX1twin is updated.
    [X1TWIN] support CMT device
    [X1TWIN/EMM] support 512kb emm board
    [X1TWIN/MEMORY] fix memory mapping for ipl rom
    [X1TWIN/SUB] fix irq handling

    In Supareidokku Fixed a bug key operation becomes impossible.
    The operation was the issue of sub-CPU IRQ.

    In yesterday's stereo, PC-Engine Fixed a bug I was encoding part.
    Check out was, I'm sorry.

    Still, X1twin function is promoting the implementation of the specifications is not.
    TURBO is expected to eventually extend the specification.

    Support for the data recorder.
    wav file, and other typical X1 emulator used in the TAP-readable format.
    In addition, wav files for reading the past, but was limited to 8bit/mono/48KHz ones,
    If the PCM format and can read any file that fixed.
    For the common-fix, so here are other models with similar specifications.

    The CMT is a sub-CPU control commands, APSS is not fast-forward and implement a street.
    APSS is being considered for implementation, may be a little tedious.

    The Kingusunaito, FM sound source in the presence of decision problems, were fixed not start.
    This, OPM has been assigned, I / O value of 0700H was a problem when loading.
    The 0000H-7FFFH memory space is allocated if the IPL ROM, 1000H by the ROM Mirror
    Fixed to appear.
    Here has not been verified, according to legend seems determined 抜忍 X1/TURBO hardware.

    These issues are investigated Itadakimashita YS your friends. Deep appreciation deep appreciation.
    In addition, 512KB of EMM is implemented.

    Common-side, fixed to be played in stereo sound.
    Win32 DirectSound implementation side, the rest of the class event management, mix of fixes for each sound chip processing.
    OPM uses the X1 sound, so we're on, I think it is easy to understand the effect of stereo.

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02.04.2011, 11:43
Ciekawe czy sa gdzies _wszystkie_ biosy do tego.

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