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MADrigal CD Collection 59.S5 Beta [479][witek], 2017-10-15 21:32:25

[Source: http://www.madrigaldesign.it/sim/]

Standalone games (all Standard 5 beta versions)

Bandai Electronics
- 1x LCD Game Digital: Las Vegas
- 1x LSI Game Double Play: Penguin Land

- 1x LCD tabletop: Donkey Kong Junior
- 1x VFD tabletop: Donkey Kong

- 3x LCD: Explorers of Space, Fowling, Frog Boaster

- 1x VFD tabletop: Galaxy II

- 3x LCD Card Game: Donkey Angler, Tom and Jerry Popper, Towering Rescue

Mattel Electronics
- 1x LCD: Dungeons and Dragons Computer Fantasy Game
- 2x LED: Armor Battle, Sub Chase

- 5x Wide Screen: Egg, Mickey Mouse, Parachute, Snoopy Tennis, Turtle Bridge
- 4x Multi Screen: Donkey Kong, Donkey Kong II, Lifeboat, Mario Bros.
- 5x Panorama Screen: Donkey Kong Circus, Donkey Kong Jr, Mickey Mouse, Marios Bombs Away, Snoopy
- 2x Tabletop: Donkey Kong Jr, Snoopy

- 1x LCD: Motor Cross

- 2x VFD tabletop: Pac Man, Tron

- 8x Classic Time and Fun: Banana, Condor, Escape, Monkey, Pancake, Pirate, Safari, Sleep Walker
- 5x Mini Time and Fun: Bomb Fight, Caccia al Ladro, Cessate il Fuoco, Hippo Teeth, Hot Line
- 4x Explorer Time and Fun: Baseball, Defendo, Engine Room, Roller Coaster
- 3x Sporty Time and Fun: Hippo Teeth, Hot Line, Tennis Menace
- 2x Arcade Time and Fun: Chicky Woggy, Monkey Jump
- 3x Electronic Tini-Arcade: Chicky Woggy, Crazy Chewy, Wild Man Jump

unknown manufacturer
- 1x Game and Time: Grab Man

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