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DeSmuME 9.12 GIT [752][powerzx], 2017-11-07 09:28:17

[Source: http://desmume.org/download/]

-GPU: All GPU settings are now staged. Pending settings are applied only right before the GPU actually renders.
-Colorspace Handler: Fix some pixel alignment issues in ColorspaceConvertBuffer555XTo888_AVX2() and ColorspaceConvertBuffer888XTo888_AVX2(). (Related to commit 858b05d.)
-Windows Port: AVI RGB888 color conversions are now multithreaded, and are also vectorized for SSSE3 and AVX2. (Fixes #105.)
-Colorspace Handler: Oops! Fix compiling in colorspacehandler_AVX2.cpp. (Related to commit 858b05d. Fixes #111.)
-Colorspace Handler: Fix bug where RB-swapping in ColorspaceConvert555XTo888() would cancel itself out, leaving RB unswapped in all cases. (Related to commit 858b05d.)
-Colorspace Handler: Add new functions for converting 16-bit RGBA5551 and 32-bit RGBA8888 color buffers to 24-bit RGB888.
-Colorspace Handler: Properly maintain the alpha value when applying intensity to an RGBA5551 color buffer.
-Render3D: Assume the initial states of the 3D rendering instead of initializing them with CommonSettings. Most notably, assume that _enableTextureDeposterize = false in order to force it to create its buffer later on. Fixes a potential crashing bug whenever Texture Deposterization is enabled. (Regression from commit 15a19ba. Fixes #109.)
-Render3D: All 3D rendering settings are now staged. Pending settings are applied only right before the 3D renderer actually renders.
-GPU: Fix the clear color on big-endian systems when running RGB666 and RGB888.
-GFX3D: Fix bug where 3D would fail to render on big-endian systems. (Regression from commit c6a5740.)
-OpenGL Renderer: Bring back support for handling the transparent polygon ID check. This fixes many graphical glitches involving transparent polygons in many games. (Regression from r5372. Fixes #74 and fixes #24.)
-GFX3D: Correct some notes about the POLYGON_ATTR Mode attribute.
-OpenGL Renderer: Shadow polygons doing the polygon ID check should only update the stencil buffer once instead of twice.
-OpenGL Renderer: Fix bug where translucent fragments drawing on top of zero-alpha fragments were not overwriting the destination fragment color as intended. (Regression from commit 2a1aaf7.)
-OpenGL Renderer: Add true support for the depth-equals test by properly emulating the tolerance value. This fixes many longstanding bugs related to missing polygons, Z-fighting glitches, and other misc. graphical glitches in many games.
-OpenGL Renderer: Reduce the number of stencil bits needed to emulate the shadow volume mask from 2 to 1.
-OpenGL Renderer: The fragment depth calculation now works more like how SoftRasterizer does it.
-GFX3D: Rework polygon attributes and texture parameters using the latest coding style. Also improve the performance of SoftRasterizer while we’re at it.
-GFX3D: Reduce the memory requirement of the vertex lists to one-third of its previous size.


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