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Mame Classic 9.1.0 [578][glob@s], 2018-02-05 20:57:36

[Source: http://mameclassic.mameworld.info]

- Added : Controls for new Fallback Artwork, Override Artwork and NVRAM Save options
- Added : Cambria and Segoe UI GUI fonts
- Changed : The cursor no longer changes to a hand pointer on the main form
- Changed : The option "Use Link Style GUI" is now "Use Buttonless GUI"
- Changed : The reports folder has been renamed to output
- Fixed : Changing to the Classic theme from any other theme would leave the background color of the previous theme in one of the textboxes
- Fixed : Scroll Bar issue on the Maintenance screen when MAME Classic was restored from maximized
- Fixed : Vector controls would be disabled in MESS Settings
- Removed : References to obsolete help files in the Help pull-down menu
- Removed : MS Sans Serif and MS Serif GUI fonts


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