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WinUAE 4.2.0 Beta2 [165][witek], 2019-02-17 18:21:20

[Source: http://eab.abime.net/showthread.php?t=96067]

There is chance 4.2 becomes quicker and smaller update.

Beta 2:

- Adjusted CDTV CD drive read/play startup delays. Fixes Town without no name speech audiotrack play stopping too early.
- Window resizing keeps current window aspect ratio if left or right CTRL is pressed when resize operation starts.
- Separated Filter panel internal texture size multiplier to vertical ands horizontal. Vertical "-" = same as horizontal.
- Magic mouse mode and some other Windows program is active and mouse gets moved over WinUAE window: dont activate window automatically. It can cause side-effect where other program is still getting keyboard input.
- Simply uaegfx overlay rendering optimization, if both RTG and overlay bitmap does not change during frame: dont force full redraw.
- Fixed AGA HAM graphics corruption if same scan line had BPLCON4 non-zero, border sprites enabled and at least one sprite visible in left border and HAM bitplane active.
- Added global memwatch l option, enables invalid access logger:
-- Custom registers: unaligned, byte (except $dff002 and $dff006), mirror addresses and non-existing registers.
-- Custom registers: detect if any unused bit is written as one to registers like BPLCONx.
-- Custom registers: detect if any DMA pointer write access sets invalid address (outside of chip ram address space)
-- Detect if any chipset DMA tries to access non-chip RAM memory (checked before address is masked with size of chip ram).
-- CIA registers: detect invalid accesses, word accesses, unused register 11, mirror CIA address.
-- Anything else needed?

Hoxs64 1.0.18 [175][witek], 2019-02-13 19:51:55

[Source: http://www.hoxs64.net/default.aspx]

1) Fix 1541 drive memory map that was broken since v1.0.14.0. The title Intoxication by Singular
https://csdb.dk/release/?id=4431 is now working again.

Altirra 3.20 Test14 [159][witek], 2019-02-13 19:49:28

[Source: http://atariage.com/forums/topic/281825-altirra-310-released/page-16]

-Some minor optimizations to CPU microcode.
-Flash chip for Maxflash 8Mb is now selectable in Options. The four options are the chips recognized by the 2012 Maxflash ATR flashing software. Of those, only two are recognized by the 2009 flasher.
-Fixed the Adjust Colors not switching to Custom profile when some options were adjusted.
-Ultimate1MB can now enable/disable stereo POKEY and Covox when those hardware devices are also present.
-Configure System > Overview lists current OS firmware and mounted images along with file CRC32s when available.
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