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Nova 0.5.0 [407][witek], 2018-12-24 18:00:35

[Source: https://twitter.com/realSteveKwok/]

– VDP1: Refactored the entire architecture.
– VDP1: Disabled force_interlace.
– VDP1: Implemented better timing.
– VDP1: Implemented handling of the MODR register.
– VDP1: Implemented handling for invalid command table data.
– VDP1: Implemented Color Calculation Mode 5.
– VDP1: Implemented a new algorithm for quadrilateral rasterization.
– VDP1: Implemented anti-aliasing for Distorted Sprite and Polygon.
– VDP1: Rewrote user/system clipping and pre-cliping.
– VDP1: Rewrote end code process.
– VDP1: Rewrote High Speed Shrink.
– VDP1: Rewrote handling of the LOPR/COPR registers.
– VDP1: Rewrote manual frame change/erase.
– VDP1: Added access restrictions to the registers TVMR/FBCR.
– VDP1: Fixed a bug of EWLR/EWRR registers(Street Fighter Zero 3).
– VDP2: Disabled VDP2_JIT.
– VDP2: Refactored the entire architecture.
– VDP2: Removed Character Pattern cache.
– VDP2: Supported 1M VRAM.
– VDP2: Implemented Special High-Resolution Graphics Mode(preliminary).
– VDP2: Implemented HCNT/VCNT/EXLTEN handling(incomplete).
– VDP2: Implemented RBG1 and EXBG.
-VDP2: Implemented rotation calculation with coefficient data.
-VDP2: Implemented Rotation Parameter Mode 2 of RBG0.
– VDP2: Implemented Invalid Rotation Parameter Mode 2(when coefficient table is disabled) of RBG0.
– VDP2: Implemented coefficient data as part of LNCL data.
– VDP2: Implemented Screen Over Process Mode 1 of RBG0/RBG1.
– VDP2: Implemented Gradation.
– VDP2: Implemented Sprite Window.
– VDP2: Implemented sprite color calculation condition 3(MSB).
– VDP2: Added support of sprite type 0~7 for 8-bit data.
– VDP2: Added support of sprite type 8~F for 16-bit data.
– VDP2: Added Character Pattern cache again.
– VDP2: Rewrote priority handling.
– VDP2: Rewrote handling of the SPCLMD and SPWINEN bits of the register SPCTL(Dragon Force 2).
– VDP2: Rewrote Cycle Pattern handling(incomplete).
– VDP2: Rewrote TVSTAT handling.
– VDP2: Rewrote Special Priority function.
– VDP2: Rewrote Extended Color Calculation.
– VDP2: Rewrote Sprite Screen Over Process.
– VDP2: Rewrote Window Process.
– VDP2: Rewrote Shadow Process.
– VDP2: Rewrote LNCL insertion.
– VDP2: Rewrote scrolling/zooming calculation of NBG0/NBG1/NBG2/NBG3.
– VDP2: Rewrote Line Scroll/Vertical Cell Scroll process of NBG0/NBG1.
– VDP2: Fixed a bug of byte access of the color RAM(wrong mask).
– VDP2: Fixed a bug that the WxLWE bit of LWTA0U and LWTA1U are masked.
– VDP2: Fixed a bug of special color calculation mode 3(palette data MSB).
– VDP2: Fixed a bug of RGB0 color calculation ratio.
– VDP2: Fixed a bug when the data is RGB format and color calculation is indicated by MSB.
– VDP2: Fixed a bug of palette number.
– VDP2: Fixed a bug of color RAM address offset.
– VDP2: Fixed bugs of Character Number Supplement Modes.
– VDP2: Fixed bugs of Normal Line Window coordinates.
– VDP2: Fixed a bug of sprite transparent dot.
– VDP2: Fixed a bug of Pattern Name Table Lead Address calculation.
– VDP2: Fixed bugs of display/color mode limits by settings of the Reduction Enable Register.
– VDP2: Fixed bugs of display limits by settings of NBG0/NBG1 color modes.
– VDP2: Fixed bugs caused by changes in mid-frame.
– VDP2: Fixed bugs of NBG2/NBG3 scroll values.
– VDP2: Fixed bugs of LNCL/BACK screen in single interface mode.
– VDP2: Fixed a bug of vertical Reduction.
– VDP2: Fixed a bug of Screen Over Process Mode 3 when bitmap vertical size is 256.
– VDP2: Fixed a bug of rotation parameter when the graphic mode is hi-res or exclusive hi-res.
– VDP2: Fixed a bug of rotation parameter when it is double/single interlace.
– VDP2: Fixed a bug of Special Color Calculation Mode 2(by dot) when color format is RGB.
– VDP2: Fixed a bug of priority pattern(BIOS splash screen).
– VDP2: Fixed a bug that BGON changes in mid-frame(Lunar Silver Star Story).
– VDP2: Fixed a bug of sprite transparent dot.
– VDP2: Fixed a bug of single interface.
– VDP2: Fixed a bug of line scrolling.
– VDP2: Fixed a bug when the priority number is 0.
– SCU: Rolled back the fix of PPAF handling in v0.4(Thunder Force V).
– SCU: Fixed a bug of DMA indirect mode table address detection(Tactics Ogre).
– SCU: Fixed a bug of DMA range checking(Burning Rangers).
– SCU: Fixed a bug of DMA timing(too slow to end transfer of palette data during VBLANK).
– CDB: Fixed bugs of CdReport when the pickup is in the Lead In/Out area.
– CDB: Supported MPEG audio decoding.
– MISC: Added ON/OFF switch for the VDP2 BACK layer.
– MISC: Fixed another wrong track mode bug of the MDS parser.