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Vice 3.3.0 [358][witek], 2018-12-21 20:00:23

[Source: http://vice-emu.sourceforge.net]

This release stabilizes and introduces the GTK3 UI as the primary user interface for all major ports. For "lesser" platforms we still have the SDL1/SDL2 based interface. All other user interfaces have been removed. RIP

We are still looking for dedicated maintainers for the Windows- and macOS ports, if you want to help improving these and/or want to provide binaries, please get in touch.

** General

- Old, unmaintained, ports removed:
* MacOS Cocoa: use SDL or Gtk3
* WinVice: use SDL or Gtk3
* BeOS/Haiku: use SDL
* AmigaOS: use SDL
* Unix Xaw: use SDL or Gtk3
* Unix Gtk2: use SDL or Gtk3
* OS/2: use SDL

- Fix building against external ffmpeg >= 4.0
- Fix errors in multi-SID code
- added single SNES pad emulation (compatible to Ninjas adapter/TrapThem64)
- Make VICE much faster by using -O3 vs -O2
- add a slot number before the literal name of a game-controller, which is less confusing when more than one controller of the same type is used
- fix parsing of the commandline with -config first
- added dutch to list of keyboard mappings

** Unix fixes

- the sleep function was not handling timer overflows properly, which happens every 4 seconds on a 32bit machine with nanosleep()

** macOS fixes

- Enabled the use of the CoreAudio driver in macOS SDL builds.
- Removed the legacy requirement for X11.app when launching VICE.app

** ReSID fixes

- tweak uCox value
- correctly emulate filter cutoff transistor both in triode and saturation mode
- Split ReSID resource into 6581/8580-specific resource (passthrough/gain/bias)
- various envelope generator fixes
- use different timing on 6581/8580 for noise register reset when testbit is set
- noise shift register is clocked once after reset

** VIC fixes

- corrected green color angle according to colodore website
- fix lumas according to "colodore"

** VIC-II fixes

- corrected green color angle according to colodore website
- fix lumas according to "colodore"
- added ChristopherJam palette

** TED fixes

- corrected color angles according to colodore website
- fix lumas according to "colodore"

** VIA fixes

- fixed initial state of the I/O ports

** CIA fixes

- fixed initial state of the I/O ports

** Monitor

- io d600 (x128 VDC register dump) expanded
- in memory dump limit the number of bytes per line to a power of two.
- instead of limiting disassembler output to a number of bytes, limit it to the height of the current terminal

** c1541

- Fix `geosread` command
- Add tilde (~) expansion in `write` command (Unix only)
- Add P00Save support to `extract` command

** Drive changes

- Fix WD1770 formatting issues
- fix mapping of sfd-1001 ram
- Fix trap_rom offset for 2040/4040

** C64 changes

- support extra 64k eprom on the comal80 cartridge
- added symbolic keymaps for dutch keyboard layout

** C128 changes

- Autostart fixes
- Stability improvements
- VIC mirroring fixed
- VDC emulation improvements
* Interlace mode is supported in text and graphics modes
(renderers still need work to handle the interlace effect properly)
* STATUS flag is partially emulated
* Rendering unusual character widths and in the inter-character gap
* Semi-graphics mode fixes
* Alternate character set fixes
* Cursor rendering
* Smooth scrolling in 40 column (pixel double) mode
* vertical positioning (include register 5)
- added norwegian c128 chargen

** Gtk3 UI

- Remember last used settings "page" in the settings UI
- Remember last used directory for various file dialogs
- Popup menus for the drive widgets in the status bar:
* Show directory of currently attached disk image
* Add menu shortcut to the drive settings UI
* Add Reset drive #X item
- Mixer/CRT widgets: various fixes
- Move cpu/fps display to the statusbar from the title bar
- Add popup menu to the cpu/fps display widget to control refresh rate,
speed, warp and pause/advance frame
- Add popup menu to the joystick widget to allow swapping joysticks and
userport joysticks, add shortcut menu item to joystick settings UI
- Add cartridge content preview to the cart-attach dialog
- Dynamically load CBM font
- Dont allow the mouse cursor to "escape" during mouse grab
- Unhide mouse pointer in dialogs during mouse grab
- Add setting a cartridge as default
- Improve model settings UI behaviour
- Add "Fullscreen on boot" checkbutton and -fullscreen command line option
- x128: Bring either VDC or VICII display to front depending on 40/80 col key
- VTE pulled into the sourcetree, which allows using the same monitor window
in all ports
- Terminal- or GUI based monitor can be selected at runtime in all ports
- introduced new VICE logo provided by Bjoern Odendahl (thanks!)
- fix assignment of user keymaps


- Add toggle button in x128 for the Go64Mode
- ignore "dotfiles" in the fileselector on *nix
- added browsing inside disk and tape images.
- added pageup/pagedown/home/end key mappings, and support them in the
menus, file-selector and text viewer
- Terminal- or UI based monitor can be selected at runtime in all ports
- added a hack to get rid of spurious keyup/keydown events after switching
from/to fullscreen
- generate suitable fonts for the ui at startup, use some custom gfx for the
ui. Fixes the problem that the ui chars will screw up when the user
selects a japanese chargen :)
- when changing color- or crt emulation settings, print a color matrix on
screenand update the resources in realtime

- UI cosmetics:
- fix slider length, use custom chars for slider
- make screen all black before entering the UI
- added basic default window icon
- fix display of literal key names for SDL2

- major rework of SDL2 video renderer to work natively with all supported
graphics acceleration technologies (OpenGL ES, DX11, Metal, etc).
Fullscreen support and resized windows now preserve aspect ratio properly
on any screen size.
- SDL2 now respects "GL" filter mode. As a bonus it does so even when the
renderer is not OpenGL.

** VSID (Gtk3)

- Remember last-used-directory for the open file dialog
- Add drag n drop support
- Add HVSC support:
* Support SLDB
* Support STIL


- implemented drag n drop

W download wersja Windows.